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How It All Began…

Michael and Heather spent most of their life in a world where everyday they went to a place of employment. Michael, who is now a Retired Disabled Veteran, served over 20 years in the United States Navy. His wife, Heather, worked as CEO for a small company for 20 years. Now, they have discovered the more enjoyable life of farming. They are on this journey with their children, educating them about the wonders of living off the land and showing them how hard work can provide a bounty for your family.

After spending several years in pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis (an autoimmune disease), Heather decided something had to change—medication after medication with no relief.  Unable to attend her children's events made her more desperate for a cure. Well, “cure” would be a strong choice of words. Relief would be accurate! The change in lifestyle and food, grown in a home garden, slowly changed the painful effects of the disease. There are now only occasional flare ups, which Heather attributes to eating out, and is the reason we do not go out to eat very often. Heather works full time on the farm keeping her body and mind always moving!

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Good Food Matters

In life today we have so many friends with food issues, and friends who have passed away at such an early age with cancer that was directly related to the chemicals in the food they consumed. It is one of the most painful experiences in life to lose a family member or friend to something which, if you had only known, could have changed the outcome. We firmly believe that food properly grown and harvested will ensure a long, healthy, and active life for everyone. Of course, your lifestyle must reflect one of physical activity too. Our mission is to provide our customers with healthy food options to support this healthier lifestyle.