Sapphire Farms

What we Raise and why

Our Animals


Dutch Belted Cattle

Heritage breed known for high milk fat content & meat

Dutch Belted, one of our heritage breed, are known for their high milk fat content and meat. The Dutch Belted are limited in number, however, we love the breed and will continue to raise them for both milk and meat. We pasture raise our cows—a truly holistic grazing system. Our fields are rotated for hay and grazing. We rotate our cattle to fresh grass daily. We deploy multi-species grazing techniques and the animals impact work in direct harmony with nature. We do not give hormones, antibiotics or other chemical treatments to our cows, unless the life of the cow is in danger. If this happens, which it hasn't yet, the animal would be taken out of our milk production and/or not processed for meat and removed from our program.


Red Wattle Swine

Versitile & adaptable

We raise Red Wattle Swine for their ability to thrive in most environments. They are excellent bacon pigs. We find the meat not as fatty as other breeds tend to be. We feed the swine our very own corn, extra produces, eggs, milk, woodland for nuts, root crops, fruit and pasture areas to root. We provide fresh spring water, plenty of shade, and a super fun mud hole.



Heritage breeDs & Modern Breeds

We raise several heritage birds along with more modern birds. We enjoy our Buckeyes, Dominics, White Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Australorpes, and White Leg Horn just to name a few breeds we carry. Our chickens, turkeys and pigs are omnivores and obtain most of their nutritional needs from our pasture and woodland, eating acorns, bugs, grass, fruit and root vegetable. However, we supplement with non-GMO and non-soy feed custom milled for our farm.