Red Wattles Available......Soon! Update....................

Puddles our registered Red Wattle is expecting her next litter any day now. Puddles is a well-mannered mother who is sweet and loving just like her mother. The father "Rusty" is our large Registered Red Wattle boar. Rusty's babies are very calm and have a sweet disposition. They have the true swine look with a great rust color. The piglets will be registered and will be available 8 weeks after birth. Pick your piglet out early. All pigs are fed an organic diet with no GMO's, no Pesticides, no Herbicides and soy free.  Our pigs live in an area that has both pasture and woods.

Should you just want a pig for meat production, contact us and we will provide you with options for un-registered pigs. Red Wattles are known for their outstanding bacon. We sell out bacon every time. Raise your own meat or purchase from our farm, either way, you won't go wrong! 


Update.......Puddles had 6 babies, 3 boys & 3 girls. Two girls are available and 1 boy. Purchase each for $350 registered or a package deal of 3 for $900 registered.