All photography provided by Heather White

The farm produces fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy, pork, poultry and beef. We raise heirloom varieties and heritage breeds.

Our Mission:

The family farm mission is to provide healthy chemical free, GMO free, foods for our family, friends; our community. This is provided through the best possible way by using heirloom seeds, animals, natural spring water and a good healthy amount of sun.  By raising trees we offset our carbon foot print, which also provide great shade for our livestock and improves soil quality.

Why do we do what we do?

After spending several years in pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease, Heather decided something had to change. Medication after medication with no relief.  Unable to attending her children's events made her more desperate for a cure. Well "cure" would be a strong choice of words, relief would be accurate. The change in lifestyle and food, grown in a home garden, slowly changed the painful effects of RA. Now occasionally there are flare ups; which are directly related to eating out which is now keep to a minimum.  Heather works full time on the farm keeping her body and mind always moving.

Food Concerns:

In life today we have so many friends with food issues, friends who've passed away at such an early age with cancer directly related to the chemicals in the food they consumed. It is one of the most painful experiences in life to loose a family member or friend to something which, if you had only known, maybe could of change the outcome. We firmly believe that food properly grown and harvested will insure a long active healthy life for everyone.  Of course your lifestyle must reflect one of physical activity too. Our mission is to provide our customers with healthy food options to support a long active healthy life.  


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
— Hippocrates

What We've Achieved and what's in progress.....

The farms has several Goals which have been achieved... and some will need more time and money.

      Obtained:                                                                    In Progress:

  1. Obtain heritage breeds for swine and cattle.
  2. The ability to grow our own feed for our livestock. To ensure no chemicals our past through to our customers and us.
  3. The ability to grow food year round with our high tunnel.
  4. To obtain heirloom varieties which are grown organically. 
  1. Provide a store like front to sell farm products.
  2. Permanent fencing for livestock.
  3. Irrigation system to reduce water waste.
  4. Clear land to grow trees for the reduction in carbon gases.